Nomination Form

To run for the senate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a current student at Reed College with active Kerberos credentials.
  • You must fill out a petition and get it signed by at least 50 current Reed students. Printed petitions will be located around campus. You can also email Elections Czars at and

Please contact the webmaster if you would want your preferred name used instead. Email:
You can either run for any primary senate positions (President/Vise President/Senate Member) or any of the already created Vanity positions. You can also create a vanity position by just typing it in. If you create a position, you must also run for it!
Your campaign message will be read by the student body. Briefly talk about yourself and make your claims here. Make sure it is concise and clear in communicating through what you stand for and what makes you stand out from your fellow candidates.