Fund Request Form
Please choose which of the following closely describe the purpose of this fund request. If it's a community event/project administered by Club/Organisation, choose 'Club/Organisation'.
You may choose to recieve funding from different money pools. Please note each has its own requirements, eligibility criteria. The form submission assumes you have read and you understand them.
To request funds, you MUST be a trained signator. Please select the signator below. Training happens in the beginning of each semester. Contact the senate office to know more.
You have specified that you are applying on behalf of an organisation or a club. Please choose the club. If your club doesn't show up, then it is not eligible for the selected fund reserve.
What is the purpose of these requested funds? Briefly describe in less than 150 words.
An itemized budget is a list of the items you wish to purchase with Student Body funds, as well as a plan for how you intend to use those items. Each budget item should be listed with specific prices, and followed by a description. Descriptions should provide details about the specific thing you wish to purchase and why. When breaking down requests by item, please leave spacing between each item so it is easier to read. These prices of all items should add up to the total amount you requested. This lets Senate know exactly where the money will go.