Club Registration Form
To register a club, you must have had Signator Training in the beginning of the semester. If you are registering the club individually, select your name. Otherwise, select names of all the cofounders.
Make sure that the name of your club or your organisation truly represents itself, it is short and memorable.
Please validate the contact information before entering it.
This will be visible to all the voters in the funding poll. Briefly talk about the club. Make sure you are concise and clear in communicating through what your club does or plans to do. (Max: 130 words)
Do you wish to participate in the funding poll? Please note that there is a seperate mechanism to request funds. You can request Identity funding, student body funding for a club or otherwise here.
The Student Senate of the Autonomous Student Body of Reed College recognizes that students may face institutional barriers at Reed or in America that prevent equal access to services, aid, and opportunities on the basis of identity. On-campus clubs and organisations can request Identity status, such that once provided, they can have access to a separate funding pool. The purpose of this funding pool is to finance the work of student groups that belong to communities that are historically marginalized at Reed or in the nation at large. These include communities that share a racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, or other historically marginalized identity. In recognizing this, we hope to provide sufficient funds for student organizations to establish and maintain an ongoing campus presence by building community and providing resources that are otherwise insufficient or absent at Reed. This funding pool is intended as a first step in bridging the gap between specific community needs and administrative funding.

Ensure your mission statement reflects current group goals and planned events. There should be cohesion behind the goals of your group, and how your events will help accomplish those groups. This does not need to be an academic writing, but also please be detailed enough to give Senate a full picture of how you plan to build community. Bear in mind, this is a limited pool of money, so you can help us out by clearly prioritizing your budget items! Please be honest with your group's financial situation, some groups have outside funding connections but can still get approved (i.e. Res Life, CLBR, etc)